Stitch Meditations: April 27-May 1


Stitch Meditations: A Practice in Mindfulness

Each morning from 9am-10am

Treat yourself - a great way to start the day.

During day to day life our senses are constantly bombarded and our thoughts are active. Our minds are often cluttered with noisy chatter. Mindfulness quietens this noise as you pay attention to the present moment. As you do this, other things fall away.. The focus is on the present experience. Choose to be present - now.. now.. now.. and now.

Join in this week of mindful  stitching where the focus will be on the process rather than the finished product. Develop inner resources both for sanity and to give perspective on how to act wisely in the world.

All you need to join is a computer and internet access. Stitch Meditations will be hosted on Zoom and the link to join will be sent to all participants before we begin.

What to have ready:
basic sewing kit, needles, a range of different threads, scissors, fabric scraps, and a comfy place to participate away from other distractions.


Copyright 2019 Megan Pascoe, Textile Artist
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