Workshops & Events

Megan runs a number of textile workshops in her studio in Wyong. 
Megan also offers a range of activities for a girls get together, special occasions and kid’s birthday parties. Please contact her to discuss your needs.

Felting Workshops

Felting is perhaps the earliest known method of creating textiles, with origins around the practice found in mythology across the ancient world. Immerse yourself in this hands-on process, taking the wool from its purest form and matting it to shape and mold into scarves, vests, slippers, hats or whatever takes your fancy!
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Fabric dyeing and painting

Learn how to take your textiles to the next level with dyeing and fabric painting. Play with colours and patterns on silk, wool, yarn, felt and so much more – the possibilities are endless.
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Another ancient textile practice using yarn, discover the simplicity of the loom and explore the various ways you can utilise your warp and weft threads to craft stunning textiles.
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Slow stitching

Otherwise known as mindful stitching. It’s not about the finished product but rather losing yourself in the process of creating a meditative environment for you to craft.
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