Spinning Yarns: The White Lady May 25


Monday  May 25, 10am-1pm.

Join in this 3 hour online interactive workshop which is based on a traditional Czech tale.

After listening to the story participants will have the opportunity to engage in creative expression and meaning-making, working outside their usual repertoire through art, movement and meditation.

Once you have registered for the workshop you will be sent a link to join in via Zoom. You will need access to a computer and the internet.

Please have the following things available during the workshop:
paper and pens /pencils/crayons
journal or notebook
any other craft material that you can easily lay your hands on
a sense of adventure

Investment: $40

Through imagery, characters and plot, stories mirror our own struggles and free the mind to imagine options for creative change. (Crossroads: Dorr)

Copyright 2019 Megan Pascoe, Textile Artist
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